Happiness in a box

Introducing Memory Box Flowers—an innovative concept inspired by the ever-revolving seasons of nature. Imagine receiving a gift of garden bulbs tailored to celebrate life's special moments. With each bulb planted, you embark on a journey of growth and anticipation, as vibrant blooms emerge to symbolise cherished memories. Whether marking birthdays, weddings, or new beginnings, Memory Box Flowers offers a personalised and enduring way to honour milestones. Embrace the beauty of nature and the joy of cultivating lasting connections with each blossoming season.

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where to plant the bulbs

As long as you ensure that your bulbs have good drainage and sunlight, you can plant them just about anywhere. Drainage is critical to keep bulbs healthy. They like loamy or slightly sandy soil because it provides the drainage and nutrients they need. Grab a fistful of soil with a gloved hand and ball it up in your hand. It should remain in a ball shape, but if poked, it crumbles easily.

Early-spring bloomers can be planted under deciduous trees where they’ll get enough sun to bloom before the tree’s leaves grow and block out the sunlight. However, they’ll only bloom well the first year, as they’ll need sunlight later in the season for the leaves to gather enough energy for next year’s flowers.

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how to plant the bulbs

  1. Determine the planting depth for the type of bulb you’re planting. A good general rule of thumb is to plant the bulb 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulb is tall.
  2. Prepare the soil by loosening and mixing in organic material if needed for added nutrients or to improve drainage.
  3. Place the bulbs with the pointy-end up and with the roots down. If you’re not sure of the top or bottom of the bulb, plant it on its side and it will find its way to the surface.
  4. Cover with soil and a light layer of mulch, for example, compost or bark chippings, this will help the soil retain nutrients and moisture.
  5. Newly planted bulbs should be watered well to get settled in.
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